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Halloween Party

As expected, my last period here at INSEAD is much more relaxed than the previous ones – we go out a lot, have dinners together and just generally enjoy life.

Last Tuesday we had our big Halloween party at Lindsay’s place here at Heritage View. Great fun, even though I’m not sure I remember it all :-) Enjoy the pictures!

Marwan and Tamora looking alike The Grim Reaper and the Cleaning Boy
Witches of the World Unite! Custom Pumpkin Carving (notice the INSEAD one on the right)


Air Guitar at Momo’s

Anand and myself celebrating the beginning of P5 at Momo’s last week. Thanks to Tom for the pictures!

Anand and myself at Momos Air guitar at Momos

School’s Out Forever for Summer

So it finally did happen – we finished P3. I know it’s been only 2 weeks, but somehow it feels like ages ago already. On Thursday, June 29, we had our last core exams (and since most of our electives do not have any exams, these may have been our last exams ever :-), Politics in the morning and Macroeconomics in the afternoon. With all the assignments due to the last minute and those exams to prepare, I didn’t even have time to realize that by Friday morning, I was leaving Fontainebleau for good.

Yes, that’s right – since I will be spending both P4 and P5 in Singapore, I won’t be back at the Camembert this fall. No more champagne parties, no more weekend trips to Paris. Even our graduation in December, for which I will return to France, takes place in Versailles, not Fontainebleau, so I guess I’ll have to wait until my five-year reunion before I get to see Amphi A again.

It’s very sad to know that I won’t be seeing some of my classmates until graduation. As I said before, INSEAD’s 10-month program is short as it is, and the campus exchange with Singapore makes it even shorter.

The E6 pyramid, left side, ... ... and right side (yes, the one behind Dan's pink shirt is me :-)

Of course, we had to celebrate this occasion in style. After a relaxed E6-only BBQ in Arbonne-la-Forêt (thanks to Oren, Karen and the rest of the crew), we headed off to Shangri-La for our biggest champagne party to date. After lots of champagne (not for me, as I was driving), we got into all sorts of section-bonding activities: first, Charles talked us all into forming a human pyramid (above), then we talked Charles into going for a swim (below).

Charles looking forward for a refreshing dip in the pool Charles thanking his classmates for the idea

In the end, we followed his example and continued the party in the pool, despite the somewhat chilly weather. The cold the next morning was well worth it.

E6 in the pool

PS: We finally got our E6 T-shirts. Thanks to Pateel’s design, they really are the sixiest thing on campus.

T-shirt front ... ... and back

The Love Cruise

Last Sunday evening, a couple of my classmates organized the Love Cruise. They got a big boat to ship us up and down the Seine river through Paris while we were partying away on the deck.

Sharing the love ... ... on the Love Cruise!

Besides drinks and sandwiches, we also had groovy music on board. In short, we all had a blast – I wonder why nobody had ever thought of this before. And I still can’t believe I missed those strippers …

Live music Eiffel tower
Maki and myself DJ on board

Greco/Roman Week video

… and here is a video of Friday night’s Greek dancing. Enjoy!

Greco/Roman Week

As promised, here are some pictures from the Greco/Roman Week in April. As usual, the week began with amphi stormings during class, where the events of the week are announced in a role play. For this week, the Greeks come in dancing to annouce Greek week, then the Romans attack, when finally both Zeus and Jupiter appear and – in their infinite wisdom – declare a combined Greco/Roman Week.

Amphi stroming - Greek dancing Amphi stroming - the Romans take the Greek women
Amphi stroming - the gods appear Amphi stroming - Socrates speaks

The amphi storming crew
The amphi storming crew

During the week we had movie screenings (including “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”), a “slave auction” to collect money for charity and a treasury hunt through Fontainebleau.

Costas, Dimitris, Bernard and myself Apostolos, Bernard and Elli in front of the Greeek stand

Finally, we had Greek dinner and party on Friday night in the Château des Malsherbes. Thanks to Ioannis, who organized the evening, everything went smoothly – the food was excellent and plenty, we had more than enough ouzo and – of course – there was a lot of Greek dancing. The theme was to dress as “your favourite Greek or Italian”, and Richard asked for my Lederhosen to wear for the evening – needless to say I was flattered.

Richard dressed as 'his favourite Greek', myself and Chiara Happy guests

Dimitris, Christos, Maria, Myrto, Bernard, Elli (front), Ioannis, Costas (back)
Some Greeks (and a Cypriot ;-): Dimitris, Christos, Maria, Myrto, Bernard, Elli (in front) and Ioannis, Costas (in the back)

Dimitris dancing Ioannis dancing
The crowd clapping Broken plates

British/Irish Week

Following INSEAD’s great tradition of National Weeks, the Brits and the Irish organized various events on campus this week. Among other things, we had screenings of British comedy, a pub quiz, a soccer tournament, British breakfast on campus and – of course – a British/Irish party on Saturday.

While my team did remarkably well on the pub quiz and came out second (ok, we may have had a few more British and Irish team members than allowed :-), the German team I joined for the soccer tournament did not really excel – we lost against Italy and scored a tie against the World team (basically anybody not part of another national team), who then went on to win the tournament.

Below is the German team before the tournament started (left) and the Greek team after the tournament (right). The second row features the Central and Eastern European fan club (left) and Gregory and myself analyzing our team’s strategy (notice the athletic legs on the very right).

The German team The Greek team
Central and Eastern European fan club athletic legs

Yesterday night marked the end of British/Irish Week with a big party at one of the chateaux. The theme was 60s and 70s (kind of Austin Powers-ish). Do grown-up MBA students really care about childish themes of parties and make a fool of themselves wearing ridiculous costumes? You bet they do! (Remember this quote?) Below is a selection of the more, well, noticeable outfits.

The Tavers crowd Daniel, Anna and Frank
Virginie and Rajiv The three musketeers
Laurent Ije and myself