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My own iPod Shuffle

I just got my very own iPod Shuffle yesterday. The thing is amazing – 14 grams, clips on to your clothing and holds a gigabyte of music – what else yould you ask for?

What’s even more amazing is that I am one of the first worldwide to hold this baby in my hands – Apple just started shipping it last Friday, and I got mine on Tuesday afternoon. Love it!

Ruriko, my Japanese classmate, told me that I was more Japanese than her, given my excitement about electronic gadgets. I take that as a compliment!


The 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years

50 Greatest GadgetsWhat a perfect article to kick-off the category “IT gadgets” on my brand new blog.

According to PCWorld, the gadgets on this list are the 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years. Skipping through them, I must admit I have used (or am still using) 4 of the top 10 items on the list – not the exact models depicted, but subsequent versions of them. Namely, I used a Sony walkman (#1) as a teenager, am still using an iPod (#2), have been a Palm (#4) user since 1997 and had a Motorola StarTAC (#6) in 2000.

I guess I do qualify as a geek.