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Greek Bureaucracy

People often ask me – especially here at INSEAD – whether I have a Greek passport after they find out that I am half Greek. Some are surprised when I tell them that I don’t. Thanks to Stefanos, a classmate from the July 2007 promotion, I can now just point to his entry about his “Passport Odyssey” to explain my reasons.

No further comment required.


Loyal readership despite blog inactivity

Wow! My last post to this blog was on April 15, almost a month ago. During that time, my blog received an avergae of 65 page views per day, and last Wednesday it peaked at 113, the highest number of views I can remember! To me, this indicates that I have a loyal group of readers out there who follow this blog regularly, and who I have let down during the past few weeks. Don’t worry, I haven’t given up on my blog (yet ;-). I will try to post more regularly in the weeks to come.

The past few weeks have been intense: April 17 to 21 was Greek/Roman Week here on campus, which was a big success. I helped out a bit as well (remember, I have Greek roots), and was very happy to see how much the organizing team put in, even though our exams were less than a week away.

The following week saw three exams, and another three the week after. As always, it is difficult to predict how well I did (more so since we get relative, not absolute grades here at INSEAD), but I will find out on Friday when we get our grades for P2 (sorry, I will not be allowed to talk about them on my blog due to INSEAD’s non-disclosure policy on grades). On the weekend in between, I had a nice break as a few of my friends from university visited Paris for Labor Day weekend, and I joined them for an excellent dinner at one of my friend’s home on Saturday night. Christian and Carine, if you ever open your own restaurant (and I do encourage you to!), I would love to be both an investor and your best customer :-)

Immediately after the last exam, I took off to Greece with a few fellow classmates for the break, visiting Athens and Spetses, a tiny island in the Saronic gulf. We also met up with some more Greek classmates, and even joined the participants of a sailing trip from the July promotion for cocktails with local Alumni in Athens. It was nice to see so many familiar faces on this trip.

Back in Fontainebleau, I have just completed my first week of classes of P3, the third of my five two-month periods here at INSEAD. Classes are already in full swing again, half of which are electives, so it promises to be an interesting period.

I will try to post pictures of all these events in the next few days. Stay tuned, and thank you for your continued readership!

PS: Congratulations to my fellow INSEAD blogger Olivier, whose blog made it to the Top Ten of ClearAdmit’s Best of Blogging Awards.