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Birthday, Samir’s blog, housemates

In case the hint in my last post was too subtle: last Sunday was my birthday. Unfortunately, it was the last day before the exams, so a big party was not an option. Instead, we had breakfast at a nice patisserie with lots of excellent French pastry (click on the pictures for a bigger view). After that, it was back to the books, although it was difficult for me to concentrate on finance and accounting. Thanks to all of you who called and sent an email – it’s a great feeling to know that so many people back home care for me while I’m away studying in the forests of Fontainebleau.

Celebrating Birthday Birthday Pastry

On a different note, my housemate Samir started his own blog a few days ago. His most recent post includes a picture of Peter Guy and himself, which was part of a 2006 calendar by Canadian and American students from the July promotion. According to its description, the calendar “presents a different side of INSEAD’s finest” – enough said.

Also, Nancy (“Miss January” in the above mentioned calendar) and Ed have returned from Singapore and will be my housemates for the next two months.