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Singapore Accomodation

Now finding accomodation in Singapore is not easy, especially close to the INSEAD campus. But if you are one of the lucky few with an apartment in either Dover or Heritage and wonder what it will be like, don’t worry. Swimming pools, barbecue pits and stunning views from the top floors all in walking distance from campus – I can honestly say that I never lived more in style than in those Heritage towers.

Entrance to Heritage Heritage Towers
The main pool INSEAD Singapore


Student Council

Just returned from a short trip to Munich and found out that I have been elected to the Student Council. Well, not really “elected”, since my team was the only one running, but it still feels good to know that we made it. The INSEAD Student Council for 2006 consists of Gavin (President), Joao (Treasurer), Shauna (External), Franck (Singapore Liaison), Gayathri (Internal Affairs) and myself (Internal). Looking forward to working together with you guys!

On another note, I finally decided to go to Singapore in P4 – September and October – instead of P3 as originally planned, which means I am currently looking for a place to stay in Fontainebleau for May and June – I have to move out of my current room by the end of the month. If you know of any available room, please let me know.