Singapore Accomodation

Now finding accomodation in Singapore is not easy, especially close to the INSEAD campus. But if you are one of the lucky few with an apartment in either Dover or Heritage and wonder what it will be like, don’t worry. Swimming pools, barbecue pits and stunning views from the top floors all in walking distance from campus – I can honestly say that I never lived more in style than in those Heritage towers.

Entrance to Heritage Heritage Towers
The main pool INSEAD Singapore


6 responses to “Singapore Accomodation

  1. Stumbled across your website through Clear Admit. I’m based in Sg.

    Those accomodations ARE fantastic. Otherwise a HDB flat at Clementi or Dover isn’t too bad either.

    Merry Xmas!

  2. mei sha

    Dear Auris

    Stumbled across your blog and I happen to own an apartment in Dover which I would like to rent out. The existing tenant who is also a student is leaving in Feb 07. I would like your help to direct me to a website on Insead accomodation that I can visit so that I can post my apartment details in there?
    Thanks a million


  3. Greetings from Spore! (: Like others.. stumbled across your blog. Hope u enjoyed ur stay in spore. Cheers!

  4. Jac, littlemissdotty-

    Thanks for your comments – yes, I did enjoy my stay in Singapore very much!

    mei sha-

    In case your request is still relevant, your best bet to reach a large group of INSEAD students (and there are always lots of them looking for housing!) is to go through “LMB Housing Service”, a private agency founded by a classmate of mine. They rent apartments from landlords like you on long term leases (thus removing the hassle of having to find new tenants each semester) and then rent them on to students. You can reach Frank, the owner, at

    All the best,

  5. You can try Value Stay In Singapore. We specialize in short term accomodations. Actually, LMB took a lot of ideas from us, right down from the Letter of Offer etc. So why not visit us at the real mccoy at

  6. An excellent option for short term housing at INSEAD in Singapore is which is cheaper than the other options mentioned and has extremely high quality furnishings.