The end is near

Today I am getting nostalgic. After returning from Singapore last Thursday, joining some 150 classmates of mine for our graduation trip in Val Thorens (see photos below) and spending the night at Shangri-La (thanks Will!), I am back on the Fontainebleau campus for the first time after six months. Every step brings back memories, about National Weeks, Vorspiel Friday, as well as 8:30 lectures, endless group meetings and gruelling exams.

Will and me on top of the mountain Val and Will skiing down
Ready to hike Hiking in snowshoes

Tomorrow afternoon is our graduation ceremony at the Palais de Congrès in Versailles for which my parents and my brother will be in town as well. In the evening we have our graduation party, the final event of my MBA program. The end is near.

I have been asked whether my MBA has been worth the investment – and without a doubt, the answer is yes. Not only did I meet exceptional people, learned a lot about subjects of interest to me and visited exotic places all around the world. Most importantly, the MBA program opened my eyes for a range of career options unknown to me before, and gave me the tools and the courage to pursue them. I am looking forward to the road ahead.


4 responses to “The end is near

  1. Thanks for the heads up. After months devoted to the application process and now that it has come to an end (last interview yesterday), I have found that I have again those questions I had before applying- I’m questioning the need for me to pursue an MBA, putting into balance the huge costs and the expected benefits in terms of career track. However, I’m still convinced this is the right track for me — and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of MBA candidates had the same mindset at some point of their application.

    That’s why I particularly value your point of view. It’s great to know that the INSEAD MBA was up to your expectations. Cheers and best of luck !

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  3. Congrats on graduation!

  4. I can’t believe you are leaving INSEAD. I remember reading your blog posts in the early days (you had time to write both in German and English then ;-)) and it’s been a year already!

    Congratulations on your graduation..