Skype Mood Messages

Best Skype mood message ever: “Skype mood messages – the blog for the short-attention-span generation”

Thanks to Mark for this insight – wish I made a screenshot :-)

For the uninitiated: Skype is an internet telephony and instant messaging application (for a more detailed description, see this article on Wikipedia). It allows you to add a short mood message to your profile, which gets displayed next to your name in the user list of your friends whenever you are online. Originally meant to contain a description of your current state of mind (e.g. “feeling lonely”, “hungover from last night”) it is being used among INSEAD students to communicate anything from current phone numbers, current location and weather to general comments about classes, faculty, last night’s party or life in general. Some people change their message multiple times per day. Quite entertaining actually.


One response to “Skype Mood Messages

  1. With recent Skype versions it’s now also possible to use some rich formatting in the mood messages. Some third party applications (ie Twitter-clients) use this to update the message with fancy stuff.
    If you’re using IE you can also visit to set a rich-formatted mood message directly from the browser. Examples are also provided on the page.