Air Guitar at Momo’s

Anand and myself celebrating the beginning of P5 at Momo’s last week. Thanks to Tom for the pictures!

Anand and myself at Momos Air guitar at Momos


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  1. can you post more about exchange program with wharton? i am planning to apply to insead and i am curious to learn about exchange opportunities with wharton. is this open to all or only A+ insead students?

  2. Alex-

    thanks for your comment. Glad to hear you are considering INSEAD and best of luck for your application!

    The exchange with Wharton is open to all students, and is not awarded by merit. Instead, there is a bidding system that ties into the elective bidding as well, and seats are awarded in order of descending bids. In essence, the more important it is for you to go to Wharton, the more points you have to bid, and the less points you will have left to bid on your INSEAD electives.

    This is a very good system, and I can tell from experience that in the end, all people who really want to go on the exchange, get to go as well. Of course there is no guarantee, but it’s very likely that it will continue to work out well in the future.

    On a different note, I personally believe there are only two good reasons to go on the Wharton exchange: either you have never been to the US before and want to use the opportunity to get a first hand experience, or you have a valid work permit for the US and are seriously considering applying for jobs there after graduation.

    If neither is true for you, however, then I believe you are better off going on exchange with Singapore instead, as you can do that for up to three periods (Wharton is limited to only one period) and more electives are offered in Singapore than in Wharton – after all, the INSEAD program is identical in Fontainebleau and Singapore.

    In theory, you could do both exchanges, but you should also consider that the more fragmented your MBA experience is, the less you will be able to build a meaningful network with your classmates – and INSEAD’s program is short as it is.

    More information on the Wharton exchange program is here.

    Hope that helps,