Inflight Blogging

In-croy-a-ble! So I board my plane to Germany, and the pilot announces that there is wireless internet on board. Even better, the service, called Connexion by Boeing, is free on Lufthansa until Dec 31!

So yes, I am currently on board LH779 while writing this entry. This is cool stuff. Geeky, but cool. Remember, geeks are the new cool (can’t argue with that, especially after the most recent acquisition frenzy in Silicon Valley).

The best part of inflight internet is chatting with friends on Skype – free inflight calls! (I know, I’m way too excited about this …)

On somewhat unrelated news, P4 came and left (the most abrupt ending of any period so far, mostly due to a lack of exams), and so I only have one more period to go. Kind of sad to know that we will all go our separate ways in a little more than two months.

BTW, a big thank you to Henry, a P1 who told me he appreciated this blog very much, especially while getting ready to start at INSEAD, and thus encouraged me to take the time to revive it.


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