novoCampus is online!

novoCampus, the startup I worked at over the summer, is now online! novoCampus is a social network for German speaking university and college students – think Facebook plus Flickr and more in Deutsch :-)

Here are a few screenshots of the system (still an early beta):

novoCampus Login Page
Login Page – feel free to register (requires valid email address from a university or college)

novoCampus Profile Page
Profile Page – your life at a glance

novoCampus Friends Page
Friends Page – your network

novoCampus Photo Albums
Photo Albums Page – share your pictures

The site is only available in German, which is appropriate for the current target audience.

If you are a German speaking student yourself, feel free to sign-up and encourage your classmates to join as well. novoCampus is open for new registrations, but you will need a valid email address from a university or college to sign up. So far, most institutions across Western Europe and the US should be approved automatically, and more will be added later. If you have trouble signing up, please let me know.


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