E6 Poem

Tim, the true “poet” in our class, had written a few lines about our section at the end of P2. As it’s just as appropriate now at the end of P3 as it was two months ago, I thought I post it here with his permission. Enjoy!

You Guys

I hope you will all, at this momentous time
Indulge me a moment for a commemorative rhyme
To mark the near-end of our four months together
And briefly reflect on our communal endeavour.

When I came to this school, I had on my mind
That the people would be egotistically inclined
I thought MBA people would likely be pricks
Thankfully that’s not the case, at least not in E6

Ideally, I’d give a personal reflection
On the quirks of everyone in my beloved section
But an individual assessment could well take all night
(And I risk offending people I really quite like)

Our range of personalities is truly diverse
And at times our relations have been a tad terse
And in some of the classes, I’ve felt tension mounting –
I’m amazed we’ve survived Managerial Accounting

But on the whole, we’ve got on with aplomb
And weathered the storms of recruitment and POM
What a journey it’s been, and whilst it feels like an end
We’ve a long way to go, and so my dear friends,

One thing that I hope you’ll always remember
Is we’ve each others’ support until the end of December
E6 are still family, until the show’s ended
And take care of yourselves – it’s been fucking splendid.


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