P3 is the busiest period here at INSEAD, and it promises to end with a big bang! This week, I have four papers due: IT on Monday, Macroeconomics on Wednesday, Investments on Thursday and Politics on Friday. And at the same time, the social calendar is completely full too: Tuesday is Cabaret, Wednesday is Section Dinner and Thursday is Montmelian Party.

Why I am still blogging then when I should be working, you ask? I guess I am addicted …


3 responses to “Busy!

  1. Hey Michael,

    Hope your exams went well. I have been reading your blog all along the way. It has been very useful. Thanks for keeping it up!

    Btw, I am a future student for December 2007 intake.
    (Blog: http://invisibleink.wordpress.com/) Looking forward to reading your reflections on P4 and P5!

  2. Glad you like my blog. I haven’t been able to blog much the past few days, as I just moved to Munich over the weekend to start my internship at Yahoo! today. As soon as I get settled, I will give an update.

    Have a great summer and good luck with P1 in September – I hope we will meet in person some time.


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