World Cup, Yahoo!, Google

Spirits are high here in Fontainebleau – not least thanks to the German Team after their victory over Costa Rica this afternoon. Yes, the defense needs to get much better for us to reach the final, but the offense made us cheer from start to finish – well done Philipp, Miro and Torsten!

Moreover, I finally secured an internship for the summer – I will be working at Yahoo! Germany in Munich in July and August. My interview with their Vice President for Central Europe last week went really well, and now I am looking forward to get an inside view into one of the most established Internet brands. Last year, Yahoo! had a global reach of almost half a billion unique users per month across its highly diversified product range.

On a similar note, Yahoo’s main competitor Google recently graduated yet another interesting service from their labs: Google Spreadsheets, an online Excel clone with an AJAX interface. Combine this with one of their latest acquisitions, Writely, and one can see that the rumours about an online competitor to Microsoft Office may no just be rumours after all. Interesting stuff!


One response to “World Cup, Yahoo!, Google

  1. Hightower

    Einmal Munich, immer Munich …

    Hope to have a beer with you in Paris before you are leaving …