P2 Grades Are Out

We just received our grades, and I am happy to report that I managed to just get past the Dean’s List hurdle after the second period. I know that grades do not matter much, especially at an institution with a grade non-disclosure policy like INSEAD, but getting a recognition for my academic achievements does make me feel better. Let’s see if I manage to stay on the list in the periods to come ;-)


2 responses to “P2 Grades Are Out

  1. narasimhan

    congrats! i am narasimhan, 56, chartered accountant from india, living in chennai , india. i started reading your blogs for the last one month and it
    is interesting, informative and educative; pl keeep writing.
    i need your advice, gudiance; My son, 22, indian national, got his UG (2004) from UK in communications engineering, and M.Sc(2005) in data communications engineering from UK. he is at present working from jan2006 in chennai , india as network engineer. i am planning to ask him to pursue his MBA; i am confused whether to ask him to complete two years of work before proceeding for MBA. in india work experience not required. i am already at the verge of retiring and how to plan now .
    i need your advice and inform me whether u have seen candidate at INSEAD joining at the age of 23 with one year experience; whether in your HONEST opinion work experience is required to understand MBA subjects; i some how not agreeing to the fact about work experience because i have seen lot many candidtes with work experience not having any leadership qualities even at the age of 40+;
    pl do write to me when u find time.
    all all the best.

  2. Narasimhan-

    thank you for reading and appreciating my blog.

    About the issue of pre-requisites for MBA programs, I strongly believe that some years of work experience are essential to get the most out of such a program. After all, learning in an MBA program is not only about students learning from the professor, but much more about students learning from each other. Someone with almost no work experience may not be able to contribute enough, and not be able to reflect on the input from others in such an environment.

    Having said that, INSEAD does admit one or two students at the age of 23 in each intake (out of a group of around 450 admits). However, these students are exceptions rather than the rule, and I would not encourage my children to pursue an MBA at 23 without any work experience – you just don’t get everything you pay for at this stage.

    I agree with you that a candidate with work experience does not necessarily have the required leadership skills. In my mind, an ideal candidate should have both, leadership skills and enough work experience, in order to get accepted and get the most out of the program.

    I hope this helps.