Greco/Roman Week

As promised, here are some pictures from the Greco/Roman Week in April. As usual, the week began with amphi stormings during class, where the events of the week are announced in a role play. For this week, the Greeks come in dancing to annouce Greek week, then the Romans attack, when finally both Zeus and Jupiter appear and – in their infinite wisdom – declare a combined Greco/Roman Week.

Amphi stroming - Greek dancing Amphi stroming - the Romans take the Greek women
Amphi stroming - the gods appear Amphi stroming - Socrates speaks

The amphi storming crew
The amphi storming crew

During the week we had movie screenings (including “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”), a “slave auction” to collect money for charity and a treasury hunt through Fontainebleau.

Costas, Dimitris, Bernard and myself Apostolos, Bernard and Elli in front of the Greeek stand

Finally, we had Greek dinner and party on Friday night in the Château des Malsherbes. Thanks to Ioannis, who organized the evening, everything went smoothly – the food was excellent and plenty, we had more than enough ouzo and – of course – there was a lot of Greek dancing. The theme was to dress as “your favourite Greek or Italian”, and Richard asked for my Lederhosen to wear for the evening – needless to say I was flattered.

Richard dressed as 'his favourite Greek', myself and Chiara Happy guests

Dimitris, Christos, Maria, Myrto, Bernard, Elli (front), Ioannis, Costas (back)
Some Greeks (and a Cypriot ;-): Dimitris, Christos, Maria, Myrto, Bernard, Elli (in front) and Ioannis, Costas (in the back)

Dimitris dancing Ioannis dancing
The crowd clapping Broken plates


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