Best of Blogging Awards 2006

BTW, the guys over at ClearAdmit nominated me for their Best of Blogging Award (thanks, guys :-) Congratulations to Death Spiral and Olivier, my two fellow INSEAD bloggers who got nominated as well!

If I understand the process correctly, all nominated bloggers are now asked to hand in their vote by April 21 to elect the winner. So, if you are one of them, dear reader, I would really appreciate your vote :-)

May the best blogger win!


6 responses to “Best of Blogging Awards 2006

  1. You’ve been doing a good job with your blog; especially with all the pictures so it’s not a surprise you’ve been nominated.

  2. First, congrats on your nomination.

    I am one of the class of July of 2007.

    I’ve read a lot about “consulting cases” that one should work on before attenting job interviews. Please provide more information on how such cases look like (any examples maybe?).

    Also, can a student get a general feeling about remuneration he can expect in various sectors (industry, banking, consulting) during interview/recruitment season?

    Thank you,


  3. Thanks. Congratulations to you for your INSEAD admit.

    Consulting cases are only relevant if you plan on applying to the big strategy consulting firms. If that’s you, then yes, practice is everything. There are quite a few of them around here, you shouldn’t have a problem finding enough of them to practice on once you are here. You best contact is the INSEAD consulting club at CLUB-CONSULTING.Fb at insead dot edu

    For details on remuneration, check out the INSEAD Career Statistics at

    See in September,

  4. Hede und Claus

    Wann gibt’s was Neues zu lesen.
    Schöner Sonntag.

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