Camel on campus

This week is Arab Week on campus, and believe it or not, they actually managed to get a real camel to campus (see below). Yannick got so excited about it that he went straight for a kiss.

Camel on campus Feeding the camel

Besides live animals, we had movie night on Monday, Egyptian breakfast and Bazar on Tuesday, a Fashion show lined up for tomorrow and a Morrocan dinner and party on Friday. Got to love those National Weeks!


4 responses to “Camel on campus

  1. Amazing! Magnificent.

    Where you gonna be in P3? I am likely to end up in Fonty in P3…

    Les Francaises belles filles, here I come ;)

  2. Auris, what National Week do you have on April 7-9? Will we have to kiss donkeys? Snakes? Crocodiles? Eurgh….

  3. @leoptimiste I will be in Fonty for P3 as well, and am currently planning to go to Singapore for P4.

    @Kons No National Week next weekend, sorry, but I think Israeli Week is scheduled right after (April 10 to 16)

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