Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

In case you missed it, last Friday was St. Patrick’s Day. If you were at INSEAD that day, you would have noticed, as some of our Irish classmates dressed up in all in green to celebrate the occasion. Below are Aine, Peter and John with their first beer at the bar. While I did appreciate the “kiss me, i’m irish” tagline on Aine’s T-shirt, I’m not so sure about the guys.

On another completely unrelated note, P2 feels a lot busier than P1. Haven’t really figured out why, as we are only into our second week and the deadlines for group assignments are still relatively far away, but just the sheer amount of different classes, workshops, speeches, company presentations, dinners and parties is overwhelming. It feels like I’m constantly running behind schedule. On the positive side, it is a handy excuse for the increasing delays between my blog entries :-) , and it really does teach you how to prioritze – a lesson I have needed for some time now, it seems. To give you an idea, below right is my schedule for this week (red: classes, green: career related, orange: everything else) – and that excludes studying and group assignments.

Aine, Peter and John Schedule


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