Harvard vs. INSEAD

Another great quote, this time from Chris Mathias, an INSEAD MBA Alumnus (’89D): “There are some basic characteristics which are necessary but not sufficient to succeed as an entrepreneur – focus, brains, determination and so on. The fact that you are here at INSEAD means you have all that. But so do the guys at Harvard. They are the same as you. Well – except you have a sense of humour and a social life!”

Couldn’t have said it better! :-)


2 responses to “Harvard vs. INSEAD

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  2. olgalednichenko

    Nice blog. Want your opinion:
    This was my assignment: Explain to someone in lay man terms Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Leadership and Management. Do not exceed 2 paragraphsand the description should be such that it emphasises the differences.

    Here is my response:

    Strategy = WHAT to do – to win the war/achieve the goal

    Marketing = How to implement the Strategy

    Operations = Elbow Grease

    Management = measuring the above – 3

    Leadership = The why of the why of the why.. Let me explain through a story:

    The Situation: There was a jungle. Huge Big Trees. Lots of undergrowth.

    The task: Clear the Jungle

    Action : A manager was hired. An able one, indeed. He was so technically astute that he knew everything about the saws, the blades, the turn over rates – their replacement cycles et all. He made a detailed – elaborate plan. A beautiful design, detailing the hours, minutes and even the schedule. Each worker knew when the other takes over. Which saw to use, which one to grind. In Short – Halt, Step. Move was all defined and described to the Hilt. Now, that is what an able manager does: Takes charge of the situation, works with the constraints, plans, organizes, implements, controls and evalutes. Perfects the design, increases efficiency and productivity etc.

    Now, why is a Leader Needed then: Well, the Leader is the one who climbs at the tallest Tress –> and shouts HALT -> Wrong Jungle.

    PS: Alhough I wasn’t asked what Finance is : but here is my take: Finance is the guy who wrote some checks and cancelled others. Yes, of course, “jungle clearance project’ went through his desk.

    Please let me know your comments,


    Olga Lednichenko