More INSEAD bloggers, exams, break

Please check the sidebar on the right for links to a couple more blogs from my fellow classmates here at INSEAD. A special welcome goes to Bojana, who decided to start blogging the day before our exams. This makes her blog exactly 32 years younger than me :-)

Exam season is in full swing – just completed my fourth exam in two days, with one more to go tomorrow. Unfortunately, they left the most difficult for last (Finance), so there is no sense of relief kicking in just yet. Although I do not think that any of the exams we had so far was rocket science (some of my classmates may disagree), the sheer quantity of course material covered in this short period is exhausting. Now I know why some have compared the learning experience of an MBA to “trying to drink water from a fire hose”. And INSEAD’s shortened ten-month program increases the pressure even more.

Looking forward to flying out to Marrakesh tomorrow evening to enjoy the break before our next period begins – next Monday.


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