I have been linked!

Clear Admit logoJust found out that (among many others) my blog is featured in today’s post Fridays from the Frontline on Clear Admit’s blog. As far as I know, this is the first outside reference to my blog. Thanks guys, I appreciate the traffic, and yes, I know you are reading it (hope you like it, too :-)

PS: If you are looking for advice on the application process for MBA programs, check out their site. I was a regular visitor of their site during my application cycle, and the advice on their blog was quite helpful – especially on the essay questions of the different schools. And no, I am not getting paid for this endorsement (they don’t even know about it).


2 responses to “I have been linked!

  1. we do now …know about it … :)

  2. I figured that is the safest way to make you leave a comment after you read it :-)