Other MBA Blogs

If you are bored with reading about my life here in Fontainebleau, you may want to turn to blogs of other MBA students. There are several resources that offer them, so I thought I share the links I have. If you have additional relevant links, please include them in a comment to this post.

First and foremost, check out my fellow MBA students here at INSEAD – I have provided a list of the ones I read regularly on the right sidebar under the header INSEAD Blogroll. The acronyms in brackets denote the intake of my fellow bloggers: MBA ’06J stands for July 2006, i.e. the intake lasts from September 2005 to July 2006. My class is MBA ’06D, i.e. my program lasts from January 2006 to December 2006 (remember that INSEAD is a ten-month program and there are no classes in July and August).

Apart from that, you can find more blogs of MBA students (and applicants) at the following sites:

Hella’s List of MBA blogs
A blog of a student at Wharton, with the most active list of students’ and applicants’ blogs
A relatively new site, focused on statistics on the application process, with a list of blogs
League of MBA Bloggers
Most comprehensive list of students’ and applicants’ blogs, unfortunatley a bit out of date
ClearAdmit Wiki
Wiki of ClearAdmit, a consulting service for prospective applicants; includes a growing list of blogs (see list of schools on left sidebar)

Happy reading everyone!


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