Dinners this weekend

This weekend, I was lucky to attend two more dinners. On Friday, Kasper and Carl invited me over to their house for some Alsatian cuisine: sausages, sauerkraut and potato gratin, followed by home made apple pie. Thanks, guys, the food and wine selection (including an excellent Gewürztraminer for desert) was delicious. It’s really amazing how good INSEAD students are at cooking – and most of them are guys!

By the way, if you see Carl on campus, ask him for a presentation his award-winning movie. It’s only three minutes long and he’s got it on his laptop. :-)

Note that below on the very right, you can see me in my new INSEAD sweater, which I got at a 30% discount because it still has the old logo on it. I do like the new one, but I’m currently on a student budget, you know.

Hosts and guest Happy guests

On Saturday night, we had a dinner at our house – we ended up with 20 people in total, including my buddy, Arthur (below on the very left). Thanks to my housemates Mafalda and Samir for cooking a delicious menu: lasagne, quiche, salat followed by a fruit salad – yum!

Guests at our house The girls


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