British/Irish Week

Following INSEAD’s great tradition of National Weeks, the Brits and the Irish organized various events on campus this week. Among other things, we had screenings of British comedy, a pub quiz, a soccer tournament, British breakfast on campus and – of course – a British/Irish party on Saturday.

While my team did remarkably well on the pub quiz and came out second (ok, we may have had a few more British and Irish team members than allowed :-), the German team I joined for the soccer tournament did not really excel – we lost against Italy and scored a tie against the World team (basically anybody not part of another national team), who then went on to win the tournament.

Below is the German team before the tournament started (left) and the Greek team after the tournament (right). The second row features the Central and Eastern European fan club (left) and Gregory and myself analyzing our team’s strategy (notice the athletic legs on the very right).

The German team The Greek team
Central and Eastern European fan club athletic legs

Yesterday night marked the end of British/Irish Week with a big party at one of the chateaux. The theme was 60s and 70s (kind of Austin Powers-ish). Do grown-up MBA students really care about childish themes of parties and make a fool of themselves wearing ridiculous costumes? You bet they do! (Remember this quote?) Below is a selection of the more, well, noticeable outfits.

The Tavers crowd Daniel, Anna and Frank
Virginie and Rajiv The three musketeers
Laurent Ije and myself


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