Weekend activities

Friday we spend the whole day visiting the Corporate and Investment Banking division of Deutsche Bank in London. It was actually quite insightful and I am glad I had the opportunity to go. A coach took us from Fontainebleau to Gare de Nord in Paris, from where we took the Eurostar to London. In the end, we spend about eleven hours traveling for just over three hours of face time at Deutsche’s offices. A bit more time for the actual visit would have been even more insightful, I guess.

Below left are the Greeks who came along. From right to left, this is Costas (sitting), Bernard (standing), Ioannis (sitting), myself, Maria, another Ioannis and Hussam (in front) – although Hussam is really from Jordan and the UK, we have taught him enough Greek swearwords to qualify. During the whole trip, the Greeks were easy to spot – they were the ones chatting away in stentorian voices, keeping everyone else awake. My apologies to the people around us, including those poor non-suspecting business travelers on the seats next to us on the Eurostar who just wanted to rest on their way home.

Saturday I still felt a bit sick, so I decided not to go to Paris. It was a smart move, as I did recover substantially. After a whole day of rest, I felt well enough to make it to Jemma’s and Vikrant’s party in Veneux-les-Sablons. It was nice to chat to a few classmates in a more quiet setting than those overcrowded INSEAD parties. Below right are the usual suspects at the party: Costas, Hussam, Bernard and Diego (from left to right).

The Greeks on their way to Deutsche Bank the usual suspects

Today I was invited to lunch at Ellie’s and John’s house here in Bourron. We enjoyed a yummy lamb stew, a delicious chocolate baiser (thanks, Gallit!) followed by cheese, English tea and a glass of excellent port wine. Did I get to study much today? Don’t ask!


4 responses to “Weekend activities

  1. Antoine

    No comment, I am proud of our parachute…

  2. U r God Michael, I admire u!

  3. I will defitively agree

    Guys, we are part of history now

    My first photo in the internet

    I am goinng famous

  4. One more exposure to publicity…
    how can I return to being a normal everyday person?

    Michael, this is great except for…
    next time I will ask my make-up director to come before any photos are taken.