Dropping eggs

In our last class in organizational behavior (“Leading People and Groups” is INSEAD’s fancy name for it), we had to complete a group exercise under time pressure. The assignment was to build a “vehicle” for a raw egg out of a given set of material we were given, including a newspaper, paper cups, a piece of string and wooden sticks. This vehicle is then dropped from the first floor of a building, and the goal is to make sure that the egg survives unharmed. Below left is my group (left to right: Gregory, Chait, myself and Will, with Vikrant behind the camera), proudly presenting our end result.

At the end of the class we all gathered outside and see our creations being put to the test. Below right you see Gregory launching our vehicle, which actually did quite well – the parachute slowed the drop substantially and the cushion around the cup holding the egg ensured a smooth landing.

Gregory, Chait, myself and Will, with Vikrant behind the camera Gregory launching our vehicle

First prize for style goes to Antoine’s group (below left), whose huge parachute made the vehicle glide elegantly through the air. Below right, all groups present their creations.

Antoine's group all groups present their creations


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