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Other MBA Blogs

If you are bored with reading about my life here in Fontainebleau, you may want to turn to blogs of other MBA students. There are several resources that offer them, so I thought I share the links I have. If you have additional relevant links, please include them in a comment to this post.

First and foremost, check out my fellow MBA students here at INSEAD – I have provided a list of the ones I read regularly on the right sidebar under the header INSEAD Blogroll. The acronyms in brackets denote the intake of my fellow bloggers: MBA ’06J stands for July 2006, i.e. the intake lasts from September 2005 to July 2006. My class is MBA ’06D, i.e. my program lasts from January 2006 to December 2006 (remember that INSEAD is a ten-month program and there are no classes in July and August).

Apart from that, you can find more blogs of MBA students (and applicants) at the following sites:

Hella’s List of MBA blogs
A blog of a student at Wharton, with the most active list of students’ and applicants’ blogs
A relatively new site, focused on statistics on the application process, with a list of blogs
League of MBA Bloggers
Most comprehensive list of students’ and applicants’ blogs, unfortunatley a bit out of date
ClearAdmit Wiki
Wiki of ClearAdmit, a consulting service for prospective applicants; includes a growing list of blogs (see list of schools on left sidebar)

Happy reading everyone!


Not my day

Today was definitely not my day. First, I found that my rental car had a flat tire, then – while trying to contact my group members who waited for me on campus – the credit balance of my pre-paid SIM card ran out and on top of that, my watch just stopped running. Not a good start.

In the end, I made it to campus and we completed a mock exam for our organizational behaviour class, Europcar sent a mechanic to replace my tire and my watch just resumed working. So I guess things could have been much worse after all.

Exams are only a week away, and I am realizing slowly just how much reading I should complete beforehand – leaving everything for the last minute, as always. Wish me luck!

My sites

I am a regular user of several networking sites such as LinkedIn and openBC. These sites offer a snapshot of my profile, even for unregistered users. If you are interested, have a look at my profile on LinkedIn and my profile on openBC. Moreover, you may use my invitation for openBC to register with them.

On a different note, you may have a look at my personal mini-site I set up some time ago but never really used much. Happy surfing!

Meine Mitbewohner

Dinner in Bourron

Hier ein Bild von meinen Mitbewohnern, Samir und Paul (links) bei unserem Dinner vor zwei Wochen. Rechts ist Lars und seine Schwester. Ein Klick auf das Bild liefert eine Großansicht.

Prüfungen, Urlaub, Rugby

Lange nicht mehr gebloggt – obwohl ich ja eigentlich schon Zeit gehabt hätte, da ich nicht wirklich intensiv am Lernen bin. In zehn Tagen haben wir unsere ersten Prüfungen, fünf Stück in drei Tagen. Und das Ganze auch noch direkt nach meinem Geburtstag :-(

Gefeiert wird der wohl erst drei Tage später, dafür aber in Marokko! :-) Für das verlängerte Wochenende, das wir zwischen dem ersten und zweiten Semester frei haben, fliege ich spontan mit drei Kommilitonen nach Marrakesch. Die Meisten aus unserem Jahrgang gehen Skifahren, aber ich hatte eher Lust auf Sonne und vor allem Wärme. Dabei musste ich feststellen, dass Afrika der einzige Kontinent ist, den ich noch nie betreten habe. Wurde also höchste Zeit!

Ach ja, und unser Rugby-Team war letztes Wochenende in London, um sich im Turnier mit anderen Business Schools zu messen (mehr dazu im Blog von Peter Guy). Meine beiden Mitbewohner Samir und Paul waren beide mit von der Partie; leider hatte INSEAD bei jedem Spiel Verletzte zu beklagen. Richard brach sich die Nase, Frank holte sich ein böses blaues Auge, und Samir brach sich den Kiefer. Nach einem Tag im Krankenhaus kam er am Dienstag wieder zu uns, begleitet von seiner Mutter, die extra aus Kanada eingeflogen ist um ihn zu pflegen. Und er wollte mich vor ein paar Wochen noch überreden, im Rugby-Team mitzumachen, es sei ja sooo ungefährlich. Zum Glück bleibe ich auch in Fontainebleau meiner No-Sports Linie treu.

Außer beim Tanzen: Heute (gestern) abend hatte ich meine erste Salsa-Stunde. Ein bißchen Bewegung kann ja doch nicht schaden, und die Frauenquote liegt bei 50% :-)

50 and growing – spread the word!

According to my blog statistics, I had 50 page views on this blog yesterday! :-)

This is the second-highest amount since I started in December – the highest was 73 on January 18 after I sent out an announcement to some of you. So thank you all for tuning in!

I order to further increase this number, please keep reading and spread the word about this blog. Moreover, if you have your own blog or another website up and running, please consider placing a link from your site to mine. The more links I get, the better. If your site is somehow connected to what I write, I will definitely return the favour – I have already placed some of the INSEAD blogs I frequently read myself on my blogroll list.

In return, I update the blog as often as I can – promise!

British/Irish Week

Following INSEAD’s great tradition of National Weeks, the Brits and the Irish organized various events on campus this week. Among other things, we had screenings of British comedy, a pub quiz, a soccer tournament, British breakfast on campus and – of course – a British/Irish party on Saturday.

While my team did remarkably well on the pub quiz and came out second (ok, we may have had a few more British and Irish team members than allowed :-), the German team I joined for the soccer tournament did not really excel – we lost against Italy and scored a tie against the World team (basically anybody not part of another national team), who then went on to win the tournament.

Below is the German team before the tournament started (left) and the Greek team after the tournament (right). The second row features the Central and Eastern European fan club (left) and Gregory and myself analyzing our team’s strategy (notice the athletic legs on the very right).

The German team The Greek team
Central and Eastern European fan club athletic legs

Yesterday night marked the end of British/Irish Week with a big party at one of the chateaux. The theme was 60s and 70s (kind of Austin Powers-ish). Do grown-up MBA students really care about childish themes of parties and make a fool of themselves wearing ridiculous costumes? You bet they do! (Remember this quote?) Below is a selection of the more, well, noticeable outfits.

The Tavers crowd Daniel, Anna and Frank
Virginie and Rajiv The three musketeers
Laurent Ije and myself