A typical day at B-school

I know it’s been 10 days since my last post, but it really is true – somehow it always feels like I’m way behind schedule here. Tons of things to do, readings, case studies, company presentations, dinners, parties, … you get the picture.

One day here at INSEAD feels like three weeks in my “previous life”. Yesterday, I completed a career self assessment test, had a long discussion with a former adjutant of the British Army about the state of affairs in Iraq (he was stationed there for a while), fine-tuned my CV, learned some statistics and microeconomics (at INSEAD, these are affectionately called “Uncertainty, Data & Judgment” and “Prices & Markets”, respectively), attended a presentation of an Investment Bank, had an insightful conversation with the European CEO of an American Hedge Fund and finished the day with dinner at a beautiful French bistro with classmates. Before, each of these events in themselves would have constituted the highlight of my day (except the statistics and microreconomics, maybe :-), but here at INSEAD this is actually a rather uneventful day – incredible!

Still got some reading left for tomorrow morning – please don’t check the timestamp of this post. Over and out.


One response to “A typical day at B-school

  1. Hightower

    Life seems to be fun. Thats great. The combination between French lifestyle and hard working seems to be the best combination for life. I knew it … ;-).

    A bientôt mon vieux pot.