Orientation Week, Part 2

The whole orientation week was a huge success. Besides the administrative issues and the first classes (not graded), it is an opportunity to experience the strong sense of community here at INSEAD, which is also why some people refer to the week as welcome week. I really feel confident now about the decision to come here – it’s an extraordinary place.

To finish off the week, we spend all day Saturday outdoors. The event was organized by Outward Bound, a “social-profit organization” (according to their initial presentation). We were split into teams consisting of two study groups each. The goal is to understand the group dynamics of your study group and find out how you work together. This is important, since we will be working mostly in our study group for the next four months. One of the activities included climbing up a rock without using anything else but your teammates. Believe it or not, my team managed to push and and pull my weight up that rock (see below left). In the end of the day, we were tired but happy (see below right).

I made it! My group at Outward Bound

To mark the end of welcome week, students from the July intake organized a big party for us Saturday night. It was my first party in a chateau (see below left), and I definitely look forward to many more to come (below right). A big Thank You goes to the organizing team, especially my housemates Mafalda and Samir!

The chateau Party time!


3 responses to “Orientation Week, Part 2

  1. So heavy-weightlifting was also part of it?!? ;-)
    Anybody injured?
    Greetz from Munich

  2. Actually, yes. And apart from some minor scratches and bruises, there were no injuries to report. I do have a very powerful study group, you know.

  3. Hello Michael,
    We are still participating your french experience- your climbing efforts don`t surprise us at all- you aim high all the time and anyway!
    We just booked our hotelvoucher at http://www.schlossgut.de and got a free upgrade to the wedding suite in the old building first floor, wow! Our Date is 8th of April, the weekend before easter-
    therefore lots of thanks to Konstantin and you for your generous gift!!
    Iris and Stefan